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E-safety Update

Ever wanted a straight forward guide to the Apps that young people are using?  Then see below for an overview of what each current App does and the features it displays.  Apps are becoming ever more popular as technology advances and it is important that we keep updated with what young people are using the internet for in order to keep them safe. 

If you have any concerns regarding what your child is using Apps for, or require further information, then please contact school and ask to speak to our Safeguarding Lead – Rachel Patchett.

Phoenix Park staff are dedicated to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of young people that attend the academy. We work closely with a wide range of external agencies including the Local Safeguarding Children Board. More information about LSCB and the work they do can be found at the link below:


Social Media Warning – Yellow

In addition, please see the links below to Kayleigh’s story. A useful and powerful resource for young people developed by Leicestershire Police with the support of Kayleigh’s family.

Kayleigh’s Love Story

Kayleigh’s Love Story – Full Version



Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre



CSE Social Media Library

Parental Engagement

Children Missing from Education:

There are two types of Missing Person information; Runaway & Missing from Care and also, Child Missing from Education (leading to removal from Roll).

With reference to North East Lincolnshire LSCB website, the following Missing Person protocols must be followed if a student is missing from school, these were updated in 2016 and 2017:

It may be advisable to call the LSCB for guidance and/or updated protocols on 01472 326118 beforehand.

Updated LSCB polices are attached for completeness. NE LSCB policy is enclosed, please refer to page 13 for the longer version of these instructions.