Wellspring Academy Trust

Making a difference to your school

The world is changing.  Education is changing.  Now, more than ever, our young people need an outstanding education.  At Wellspring Academy Trust, we believe that access to the best education is a right for all our young people.

Our aim is to support schools through collaboration.  We ensure that our members are able to provide an excellent education for the children they serve.  We believe in freeing leaders and teachers to concentrate on providing the very best teaching, learning, support and development that every child deserves.

Educational aims

  1.  Excellence in Learning and Teaching
  2.  Raising standards through an exciting and engaging curriculum
  3. Raising standards by involving families and parents
  4. Community Enabling
  5. Staff Training and Succession Planning
  6. Improving life chances

Our Vision
Our vision is to provide a sustainably outstanding school experience for all pupils.  Our schools inspire innovation, creativity and aspiration for life. Our schools share a climate of high expectation and high aspiration for each pupil.  High levels of support are matched with appropriate challenge to ensure that every pupil gets the maximum from school.  Our pupils are confident individuals, responsible citizens and successful learners.

Our educational vision is one of inclusive, high achieving, community schools and a community of schools in which pupils thrive and which provide Value Added for the communities they serve.

Our Trust… Your Trust

Wellspring Academy Trust works for you.

We are committed to adding value to your school, helping you to become even more effective by providing the tools, the resource and the freedom to achieve the very best for every child in your care.

We want our Trust to be your Trust… a vehicle for you to make the difference… an enabling force for you to release the potential in every child… a way to free you from the constraints that impede improvement.

We want to help you become even better, even quicker.

By working in partnership together, by freeing resources to make your money go further, by reducing administrative burdens, by investing in people, by connecting our learning communities together, by building system capacity, by respecting individuality… We can make a difference.

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