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Message from Mark Wilson, CEO Wellspring Academy Trust

24th March 2020

Dear Parent / Carer,

Message from Mark Wilson, CEO Wellspring Academy Trust

We are in the midst of a national emergency. Our primary duty is to support and protect one another. We seek to do
exactly this in all our advice and guidance to you.

The strong advice from NHS England is to stay at home. If you can stay at home: You should. If you can keep your
loved ones at home: You should. Below, we will set out our arrangements where there are exceptions to this principle
as identified by the Secretary of State for Education.

Any on-site provision at school necessarily assumes that there is a workforce present to staff it. Health & Safety is and
will remain our paramount concern – that of any young people in our care and of our staff. School staff stand at the
frontline of this national effort. I urge you to show your respect for these very special efforts in these most challenging
of circumstances. You can help our schools enormously throughout this period by:

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