Springwell Learning Community

Pupil Premium

We are very proud of our students and pay close attention to their individual and sub-group academic performance. Many students are transient and our pupil numbers do fluctuate so comparing data sets over time can be problematic, however recent analysis of Pupil Premium performance is outlined below:

Pupil Premium Phoenix Park and Sevenhills May 2017

Pupil Premium Phoenix Park and Sevenhills Feb 2017

Outlined below is this years planned use of pupil premium monies.

Literacy Interventions (across all Key Stages) (inc. part staff cost)
Numeracy Interventions (across all Key Stages) (inc. part staff cost)
Access Arrangement testing Y6, Y9, Y10 & Y11 (£250/day) £2,000
Nurture Counsellor (Youthoria) £7,243
Subsidised lunch (across all Key Stages/sites) £14,268
KS4 Vocational Education/Personalised learning packages £12,295
Training for staff: Literacy & numeracy (inc. supply/transport)
Appointment of Educational Welfare Officer (inc. on-costs)
Breakfast club (across all Key Stages/sites) £6,169
Educational Psychologist 12 days at traded tariff £12,000
Enrichment, activity based engagement strategies and rewards activities (including funding towards lease of two minibus) £7,819
Total Pupil Premium Spend£99,995

In addition to the above we are developing a series of therapeutic interventions, these are outlined below:

Therapy Pilot Schemes 2017

Our Pupil Premium impact statement is detailed below:

Pupil Premium report 2016-17